Frequently Asked Questions

What purity is your MT-2?+

Our MT-2 is above 99% purity. A Certificate of Analysis can be requested via email.

How do I know how much and when to inject my MT-2?+

Upon confirming receipt of your payment you will be emailed our recommendations and guidelines for administrating MT-2. A link to our information guide is also included which has all you need to know on MT-2 usage, expected results, and possible side effects. This guide can also be downloaded from our website ( here.

What are your payment methods?+

Unfortunately we are no longer able to process credit card payments due to being in the pharmaceutical industry and transactions being labelled as high risk and to get approved for a merchant account or payment gateway to process payments is near impossible to all businesses within this industry. This includes PayPal and our previous provider used has also informed us that for all pseudo pharmaceutical products they are unable to provide a credit card facility any further.

This causes a huge inconvenience for ourselves and our customers and unfortunately all avenues have been looked into with no luck. At present we are only able to accept Direct Bank Transfer as our payment method and sincerely apologise for any difficulties this causes.

You can rest assured that we are a reputable company and process a large volume of orders daily paying by Bank Transfer with no problems and if in a rare circumstance a refund is needing to be given we process this promptly as providing a high level of customer service is our high priority.

I have made payment 3 days ago but still not received confirmation you have received it?+

When making payment it is very important that you use your order number as your transfer reference to have your order processed promptly. We receive a large amount of transfers daily and without a reference it is very difficult to track your payment.

If you have not used your reference number on your payment please email us a screen shot of the payment transfer or the date and reference used so we can try and track it.

Am I able to pick up my order once it is ready for dispatch?+

Unfortunately you will not be able to pick up direct from ourselves or the pharmacy as our product is purely available online and dispatched to your nominated address.

Why am I asked to complete a medical questionnaire prior checkout?+

Upon ordering from us before completing the checkout you are prompted to complete a simple online medical questionnaire. They are just straight forward questions on your medical history and present circumstances needed for one of our specialists to able to correctly assess if you are a suitable candidate for MT-2 use. If there is nothing preventing you from ordering then you will be able to complete the checkout or if any answers are of concern our medical specialist will be in contact with you via email to discuss these in further detail before being able to proceed with your order.

I have completed my order and emailed you payment receipt when should I expect to have my order shipped?+

Due to the large amount of orders received and the medical evaluation process please allow up to 3 business days for your order to be dispatched. We always endeavor to have your order posted the next day but in busy periods the processing of orders can take up to 3 business days.

In rare circumstances of any other delays being experienced due to unforeseen circumstances, notification will be placed at checkout as soon as we become aware.

How will I know when my order has been dispatched?+

You will receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking number enclosed once your order has been dispatched.

How is my order shipped?+

All orders are sent Express Post. We choose to use express post as our only option as with only a small difference in price between regular and express service we find it most practical.

My order has been left at the Post Office over weekend out of refrigerated conditions is this going to effect the product?+

As our MT-2 is sent lyophilised (freeze dried) it is in its most stable and durable form. Studies have shown that the peptide can survive temperatures about 37 degrees for a month or more without losing any potency or effectiveness, so the few days out of the refrigerator is not to worry.

It is advised that when it is received it should be put in the freezer or fridge until ready to be mixed. Once you mix your MT-2 it is necessary for it to be stored in the refrigerator, as once reconstituted it only has a shelf life of 8 weeks in refrigerated conditions or 48 hours at room temperature before the potency starts to deteriorate.

How long does delivery take?+

From our experience delivery usually takes about 2-3 days after the day it was posted. If you are further out from your capital city it can take up to a day longer depending on your location.

Please note that during holiday and Christmas periods Australia Post can take longer to deliver your order. This is out of our control and Australia Post will deliver your order as soon as they can.

I have been emailed confirmation that my order has dispatched but my tracking number says “Pending No Events Yet”?+

As the mail is usually dropped off in a large bulk amount to the Post Office or in a Street Box, it was probably not scanned in upon receiving so arriving at the next update station may be the next update this can take 1-2 days. We have also experienced previously when Australia Post is experiencing busy periods that they have had their first update when it is out for delivery that day in its final destination.

We apologise as Australia Post is very limited with their tracking updates.

Please rest assured that once confirmation has been sent to you your order is on the way and you should receive it shortly.

My tracking number is shown as delivered but I have not received it?+

The Express Post Satchels that are used for postage do not require signature on delivery, usually the post man will just place it in your letterbox or if it does not fit in a safe place around your house.If you have had a look and still have not received it we recommend checking at your local Post Offices as occasionally they will leave it there if unable to be delivered without leaving a slip and it shows up as the delivered status on the tracking number updates.

Our last recommendation if you still have not located your order is to lodge a missing post claim with Australia Post. From our experience if Australia Post cannot track down its whereabouts they can do an audit to find out the delivery driver and to where he put it when delivered it. Please keep us posted on the updates on tracking your order.

Is there any mention of your company details on the packaging my order?+

There is no mention of our company or the Pharmacy’s name or details on the exterior of the packaging of your order, as no sender details are listed.