MT2 – Nasal Spray (20mg)

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– 2 Vial (10mg) Melanotan II

– 2 x Pre Injection Wipes

– 2 x Insulin Syringes

– 1 x Empty Nasal Spray Bottle

– 1 x Saline Nasal Mist

– Instruction Leaflet




Injection of MT2 is very superior as compared to using the nasal spray but if you are afraid of injections or needles then MT2 nasal spray is the best option for you. The nasal spray method is only effective up to 30 – 40% because the nasal passages have poor absorption rate. This means you have to apply the nasal spray at least two to three times more than the injection. This is why in our Nasal Spray Kits, 20mg of MT2 is needed for each Nasal Spray Bottle.

Great results are still seen with the use of the nasal spray with it generally taking 4 to 5 weeks or more to start developing your tan, appose to injection where results are usually seen after 2 weeks. Nasal Spray generally adheres less noticeable side effects with nausea usually being nonexistence which is why it is a great alternative to some people. If you do experience any side effects from use the mixture may be too strong. This can be resolved by decreasing your dosage amount or by reconstituting the mixture with more Saline Nasal Mist to dilute it. Our MT2 Nasal Spray is sold unmixed as once mixed it needs to be stored in the refrigerator and the shelf life is only 5 weeks before its purity starts to degrade. Therefore to ensure you have the best quality MT2 it is best to reconstitute just before use. We use Saline Nasal Spray in our kits to reconstitute the MT2 as it is easier on the nose and allows for better use appose to Sterile Water although this can also still be used.