DOUBLE STRENGTH STRONG – Advanced Tanning Accelerator- Nasal Spray

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Tan Me Nasal Spray along with Oral Spray are the latest scientific discovery and a major beak through in how we tan. They are both made up of the same identical solution only in the two different administration options. Our Double Strength Strong Nasal Spray is 10mls and double strength. (10ml/20mg size)

Tan Me Nasal Spray formula consists of specifically formulated ingredients that help stimulate your melanin production thereby boosting the ability to achieve your dream tan in super fast time.

I am sure that you guys have heard of Melanin? If you haven’t, Melanin is basically a pigment that determines how dark our skin is and our body produces melanin by way of converting the Amino Acid Tyrosine via the enzyme Tyrosinase.

Tan Me scientifically formulated complex is designed to stimulate and increase both the enzyme and substrate amino acid Tyrosine which are both required for melanin production.

By increasing both of these compounds in the skin melanin production increases and there fore in simple terms if you were previously of fairly white or even pale skin complexion you will have an increased ability to be as dark as you want to be and achieve that deep dark bronzed tan.

1) Remove the clear cap from the top and the leak-proof seal from the neck of the bottle.
2) Blow your nose to remove any obstructions.
3) Tilt your head back and hold the spray lid as close as you can to one nostril with one hand and press the other nostril flat with your other hand.
4) Press the compressible lid down hard and fast with two fingers while sniffing (inhaling) through the nostril that is being sprayed into.
5) Keep your head titled back and sniff several times to ensure none of the product drips out.

Use 2 Sprays of the Nasal Spray 3 times a day for your loading phase. (Morning, Midday and Night.)
Add an additional 2-4 Sprays immediately before sun exposure for maximum results.

Store your Nasal Spray once received in the refrigerator when not using. Although while traveling it can be out of the refrigerator but making sure to keep it in a cool spot and out of direct sunlight.