TAN ME Tanning Pills


TAN ME Tanning Pills are an all-natural blend of vitamins, amino acids and minerals that have been manufactured using only the safest and organically extracted ingredients. Once consumed, with a combination of sunlight or UV exposure they provide a beautiful, well-rounded tan to the body 800% faster than tanning without them.

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Your dream tan’s just become healthier

Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of our customers. We’ve spent years in extensive research, sourcing ingredients that offer the most natural results while protecting your body from harmful chemicals.

Our tanning pills contain a combination of Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, amino acid L-Tyrosine, mineral copper, and antioxidants Lutein and Lycopene. All of the minerals and vitamins have been subjected to thorough checks and cleaning to ensure 100% purity. Our product is Certificate of Analysis (CoA) certified and meets all chromatography and mass spectrometry benchmarks.

How do the tanning pills work?

Based on years of extensive research, we were able to create a combination of naturally-derived ingredients, which use sunlight to activate melanin production in the skin and give you the ability to achieve your most desired deepest tan to all skin complexions.

Once you consume TAN ME Tanning Pills, you need sun exposure or tanning beds to stimulate the production of melanin in the body, which will help provide you with a tan up to 800% faster than without them.

TAN ME Tanning Pills can be used by all skin complexions, although of course just like a natural tan the pills will take longer to work on fairer skin tones. But you can rest assured that the results will look completely natural and will bring a healthy bronzed glow to your skin.

Please Note, TAN ME Tanning Pills should not be used solely as a replacement for sunscreen or other appropriate UV protection. This makes it important not to overexpose yourself when first starting usage. You should start only with the amount of exposure that your skin can handle without burning and always wear sunscreen.

TAN ME Tanning Pills are very simple to use with only needing to take 1-4 pills per day depending upon your complexion. With fairer skin tones needing to take 3-4 a day to achieve a bronzing skin effect.